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This article was taken from the STAR-LEDGER
Saturday, July 10, 1993

When "Crazy Eddie" founder, Eddie Antar, was arrested in Israel, several passports, credit cards and $60,000 in several currencies were found in his room, an Israeli police superintendent told a federal jury in Newark yesterday.

In addition, a banking expert testified how Antar, using aliases and a string of Liberian dummy corporations, shuttled tens of millions of dollars among banks in Israel, Switzerland and Luxembourg while he was a fugitive.

The expert was the 20th and final witness for the government, which rested its case in the stock fraud trial against Eddie Antar and his brothers, Mitchell and Allen. They are accused of milking "Crazy Eddie" shareholders of $80 million by inflating the value of their stock through a series of deceits.

Defense lawyers for the Antar brothers expect they will need four weeks to present their witnesses. Testimony in the jury trial, which began June 15, is to continue Tuesday.

Eddie Antar fled the United States in February 1990 after a federal judge -U.S. District Judge Nicholas Politan, who is hearing this case-ordered him to repatriate $52 million the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission believed was obtained through insider trading and transferred to Israel.

Since then, more assets have been located in other nations and the charges have been adjusted.

Chief Superintendent Yossef Zamory was head of intelligence for the Israeli national police last year when he got a request from the U.S. Marshals Service in New Jersey, through Interpol, to arrest Antar.

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